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Project Manager 17335 Phoenix, AZ 9/12/2023 3:01:00 PM

Project Management
Contractor - W2

Job Description

Project Manager
  • Schedule, attend, and document minutes of all daily standup meetings for ELF team
  • Schedule, attend, and document minutes of all daily infra standup meetings
  • Schedule and manage ELF on-call calendar for ELF teammates upon notification of changes
  • Coordinate and document all retrospectives for each PI Planning Session
  • Create respective features with assignment for each PI planning session
  • Maintain progress/status of each feature and stories in the PI with assigned engineer to achieve closure before PI-end date
  • Close out features when completed prior to the end of the PI.
  • Submit Agile charter for each PI in a timely manner with respective features.
  • Maintain Features working page for trackability
  • Close all completed capabilities for 2023 and create new capabilities for the following year post alignment with team directors
  • Present all current and upcoming features for each CICD PI Planning session on behalf of ELF team
  • Create and maintain adhoc features as directed by team leads and directors
  • To act as primary liason for the ELF team and CICD Management group:
  • Maintain correct engineer roles on team Agile space (monthly)
  • Provide all requested information and collaboration with CICD as pertaining to ELF management (eg. Monthly accomplishments, status updates, documentation, etc)
  • Prioritize and track all Tech leadership requests require ELF collaboration
  • To serve and execute adhoc requests from Enterprise Observability teammates on behalf of ELF
  • Confirm and reassign dev support requests to team engineers
  • Connect and assist with next steps for new incoming ELF clients/engineers including but not limited to providing documentation, assisting with submitting support requests, and establishing knowledge transfer or inquiry virtual meetings.
  • Create and establish biweekly status cadence with ELF directors
  • Provide access to team workspaces (Confluence and Agile) for newly-joined colleagues
  • Maintain with timely follow-up of all features and tasks to keep ELF in BAU state
  • Manually track and assign respective engineers for monthly certificate renewals for completion
  • Verify new incoming vulnerabilities for each PI and resolution post assignment of feature to ELF engineer
  • Verify status of new secrets for each PI and resolution post assignment of feature to ELF engineer
  • Assist with team reminders for mandatory enterprise tasks including but not limited to RFC closeout, mandatory trainings, mid-year and year-end followup.
  • Review and renew all disaster recovery plans as pertaining to ELF and ELF backend services
  • Coordinate and publish all announcements for all ELF correspondence to client teams via various platforms (eg. Email, slack)
  • To coordinate, schedule and execute working series as needed for respective ELF projects each PI as well as maintain forward progress on action items.

Job Requirements