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Automation Engineer - Python 14807 Phoenix, AZ 7/21/2021 2:53:00 PM

Contractor - W2

Job Description

Automation Engineer Needed for Cloud Operations
Required Experience:
•            2+ year’s experience with modern programing languages such as Python, Ruby, Go or Java. (Python Preferred)
•            2+ year’s experience with Linux or Windows operating system. (RHEL Preferred)
•            1+ year’s experience with API Development or Consumption. (REST/SOAP)
•            1+ years experience with Docker or other container technologies.
•            1+ years experience working in Agile Team and understanding of Agile methodologies.
Preferred Skills:
•            Knowledge and/or experience with unit, integration, system and regression testing.
•            Practice of documenting code using documentation generators such as sphinx, pydoc, rdoc, yardoc, javadoc or the like.
•            Use of dev/ops configuration management and orchestration tools like Puppet, Chef, SaltStack and Ansible.
•            Understanding of VIPs, DNS, ACLs, and basic networking protocols and practices.
•            Experience with NoSQL and SQL databases for logging and audit controls.
•            Working knowledge of IDEs and their benefits, for example PyCharm, IntelliJ, Eclipse, Net Beans and/or VS Code.
•            Use of GitHub for issue tracking, pull requests submission/review, documentation, and repo management.

Job Requirements