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Instructional Designer 10596 Menlo Park, CA 2/25/2020 10:49:00 AM

Contractor - W2

Job Description

App Education team is looking for a production design/instructional design resource with 3+ years experience on contract for 3 months to refine and publish product design essential education content to be accessible to designers in multiple modes.  This will include coordinating content with SMEs for core content, creating/ procuring appropriate visuals, creating compelling presentations in required formats.  Content formats would include Keynote, wiki, Pixelcloud and e-learning software such as Captivate to publish on Cornerstone learning tool.  The candidate will be a self-starter who organizes their work effectively and communicates effectively with the team lead and stakeholders.
Required Skills:
  • Instructional design skill to build learning path based on existing content
  • Instructional design authoring tools: evolve, captivate, etc.
  • Keynote presentation with animations and transitions
  • Basic Html editing/ authoring
  • Working with e-learning software (such as Captivate, Cornerstone)
  • Design software like Sketch, Figma, Photoshop and Illustrator.
Preferred skills.
  • Video editing.
  • Prior experience with creating and publishing e-learning content 
  • Create consistent templates for Product Design Essentials education content in all required modes (presentation, e-text, e-learning content).
  • Update curriculum content for 20-25 Product Design classes in Pixelcloud (source of truth), Keynote/Google slides (in classroom), Cornerstone (a-sync/on-demand learning + tracking)
  • Set up on Cornerstone: a-sync content using e-learning software with tracking and playlists.
  • Optional: Video recordings (bite-size) of critical concepts of all class content (like DDR).  Video could be talking heads + product demos.
  • Optional: Support presentations for events.
Problem Statement
  • Content Updates: Educators are struggling to make necessary updates to content given their existing work-load.
  • A-sync content availability: Making content available a-sync will help reduce the time-tax for non n00bs to keep up with new  
  • Async content accessibility: Pixelcloud projects have been the referenceable source of truth so far but there isn’t bandwidth to create and maintain full parity between class presentations and a-sync content.
  • Visual/ structural consistency: All content is created with different visual quality and hosted in any preferred format – Keynote or google slides.  A consistent and effective structure and visual treatment will help the content be easily consumable.
All learning content for Product Design is well-designed and accessible to all, aligned with the product development lifecycle and set up for tracking consumption.

Job Requirements